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You must be looking for the perfect package we offer in SEO. Created a website for your business firm? Great! But is your website generating sales or connecting you with your target costumers? Is the website relevant in the Google search? No? Then we have come for your rescue! we have brought you search engine optimization (SEO) packages that will surely make your sales go high and will  give your business a rocket-start on the internet. We  not only have something for businesses in Mumbai but we also provide it for businesses all over India.

We offer seo packages which suits different needs for different categories, like Affordable, Inexpensive & Budget Friendly SEO Packages - which emphasis on affordability without compromising on quality standards, then we have Monthly Basis SEO Plans & Packages - Which is meant for businesses who want to go by Month to Month Basis. We also offer Local SEO Packages & Plans  - for those who want to go with Local Search Engine Popularity in order to make their business presence feel locally. The next in line is eCommerce Shopping Website SEO packages - for those who are searching to benefit from Search Marketing and in turn want to increase sale organically for their products or services. We also have Website or Corporate Web SEO Packages - Which deals in promoting websites through natural means in their niche.  Finally, We have Packages for Content Writing SEO Packages & Article Writing Packages - For those Who are searching for a good Quality and engaging Article for their products or Businesses.

         To sum up,  the function of SEO is to make your website rank the highest in the search engines, and that’s exactly what our packages will do for you. We have designed the best version of an affordable and  budget-friendly  SEO packages in India that match the suppositions  and  the expectations of the search engines. Our packages are designed in a way that the process of SEO looks organic. With bizima, you can be  rest assured with the results that we will be delivering to you. Most of the plans for Mumbai  that Bizima offers are designed to fit your demands and needs. We even customize SEO packages as per your demands.

         We believe in giving you a  high quality service and are enclosed with the following --


  • A person to person conversation about the business goals and objectives.
  • A technical inspection to reveal any business related affair.
  • Having a website optimization on page.
  • Creating a link constructing plan.
  • Content developing and copy writing.
  • Level link building.
  • Reviewing current profile of the link.
  • Reviewing the opponents/competitors link profile.
  • Marketing of blog.
  • Marketing of article.
  • Link construction.
  • Link examination.
  • Anchorage and surveillance of social media.
  • My business optimization on Google.
  • NAP listing.
  • Creation of sitemap.
  • Report and advice in detail.
  • Optimization of Google plus.


And so on, thus giving our packages   the title of the  “Top SEO package”.  So come join us and we will help you take your business to unmatchable heights.

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