Cost / Pricing for Local Seo Services

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What is the Cost / Pricing for Local Seo Services by a Professional Company?

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There is no perfect answer, however, the cost or pricing for web seo services, depends on many factors such as :

Cost or Price with respect to :

1. Identifying your local Audience

2. Local Keyword Research.

This is important part in web seo, where the keyword research is carried out by proffesionals, and the most profit profitable and some negative keywords are identified at this stage.

The more time and resources given the more the charges are, you can 

2. Keywords to be targeted locally. (Some keywords needs more time).

4. Local Listings of your business website on Merchant Circle, Google Local Business Center, Yahoo Local, etc.

3. Local Market Competion for that keywords

4. Time - Fixed duration, Monthly or even on Hourly basis.

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